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Welcome to the 2011-2012 Gallery

Mostly we have a lot of links to people who took pictures this year. There are epic photos out there and below are links to gallery pages of our flying fans.

Sarah Galli took some amazing shots at Red Rock Nationals Our friend Taggi from Switzerland kept a 2011 Red Rocks blog
Andy Miller took some great photo's and videos at the comp. Junko from Japan did a great job with photo-journalism with pictures and stories from her tour of Central Utah the week after the comp.
Mark Jeffrey was official Red Rocks photographer - contact him for prints Of course a lot of photo's at the Red Rock facebook page

2013-2014 Videos


Morning tandem flight just before sunrise. Cicilia is an exchange student from Spain.


This is Cicilia's first experience with paragliding and was so excited!!


What a view of Cove South Launch. You can see Monroe Peak bathed in morning sun.


Stacy headed toward Hot Springs ridge to look for a little bump in the laminar air.


Julie is helping launch the tandem flight for Cicilia. Just keep running Julie...


A shot looking across the canyon off Cove South launch.


Stacy and Cicilia against Hot Springs Ridge.

Carolyn Thomas shared a video montage of a flight off of cove. The link is HERE

Jim Peterson on an Epic night at Cove. Bunch of new Cove Club Members. Thanks for the photo.


A couple of excited pilots headed up Cove mountain. Cristian and Chavis.

The 24th of July 2010 USHPA Sanctioned Fly-In. 20 plus pilots flew.

Another picture from Darius. His gallery is a must see!! This is off Edna.

Chris G. during the Pre-Nationals on Monroe Peak before an 85 mile XC.

Chris on the hike up to Monroe Launch before the road was open to drive to the top.


There are occasionally some goat herds to keep the pilots company on the way up to launch.